Talented, emerging artists are welcome to now submit their demo / artwork / samples (links or attachments) via private message on our Facebook community page.

The artist and / or his-her work might be featured in the series.




“Born on the moon, raised on Mars, stuck on Earth, reaching for the Stars” tattooed on his chest, Voyce*, award winning Montreal based singer/songwriter/music producer, defines how he lives and more importantly the music he creates, by these words. Winning a prestigious songwriting award, he officially embarked on his journey in 2008. Just two years later, he found himself signed to a Nashville based record label. His career, mimicking his life, has taken him through peaks and valleys, and led him to collaborate with worldly renowned musicians and achieve national radio play. Well respected in the music industry, his work has now reached over half a million views on VEVO. Pain – in one word – he will tell you, is his greatest motivator. Through the valleys of suffering he’s experienced, he is relentless in finding himself, in becoming not only better than he was yesterday, but expanding way beyond who he is today. Driven by the simple belief that, even through darkness, there will always be hope, ultimately, Voyce*, wants to serve as a catalyst for who we, humanity, through our individual and collective suffering, choose to become.


Claire Kenway


A multifaceted artist, Claire’s creativity explores the intersections between sound, space, sensation, emotion, and environment. She has been performing internationally as a DJ for more than a decade, and is very sensitive to how sounds and music affect mood, energy, and perception. Since moving to Montreal in 2008 she has taken her art to another dimension diving into composition, live performance, and sound installation. Her installations articulate messages of sustainability through interactive motion and sound. Her first, ///Friction, involves three bicycles that produce and manipulate sounds. Then came Acousticaquatica, an underwater art experiment that explores the relationship between humans, technology, sounds, and fish. And finally there is Windcatcher, where she designed and built three musical instruments played by the wind. Musically-speaking, her heart lives in the underground: she founded the nomadic Blackbox parties in 2011, released her debut album 'Under a Midnight Moon' on Montreal’s Archipel Musique in November 2012, and has recently begun performing her own music live, addicting new audiences to her unique brand of dark, deep, intellectual and alluring electronic music.



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