Ian Marlowe

Spiro Malandrakis

CAT. 8, The Wild Hunt

An aspiring fashion designer who reached the cusp of international stardom thanks to the Echelon program, Ian’s world comes crashing down when he refuses to grant Echelon’s request. Now his only family, his sister Anna, has gone missing and he wants her back at all costs. He believes Kira can unmask the agency, but he resents her constant need for control. He also does not trust in Cedrik as the answer.
Kira Vineberg

Amber Goldfarb 
Helix, Being Human, Assassin’s Creed

When her fiancé, a writer mentored by Echelon, is mysteriously killed, Kira follows a trail that leads directly to Strahd. With Ian and Cedrik’s help, she believes she can unmask Echelon’s dark agenda, but her hunger for revenge and hatred for Strahd threatens to compromise her success. Kira is tough, thorough, smart, and despite being a control-freak, she’s charming enough to usually get her way. Her convincing personality wins Ian over, yet Cedrik remains an enigma. Paranoid that Echelon is following her every move, she lives ‘off the grid’ at her best friend Tammy’s basement apartment.

Michael Mando

Orphan Black, Rookie Blue, Far Cry 3

Born a ghetto kid in a broken family surrounded by drug-abuse and hardship, Cédrik has not led a charmed life, yet fate has offered him one gift – he is a maestro with the piano. His talent has caught the eye of Strahd and the Echelon program, butCédrik is way too street-smart to fall prey to a contract that is‘too good to be true’. He is amused by Kira’s plan to unmask Echelon, yet he is also deeply interested in the contacts that Strahd may offer so he plays both camps until he can decide which is best. He believes Ian to be a ‘pansy’ but Cédrik is smitten by Kira’s roommate, Tammy.

Mark A. Krupa

Rhymes for Young Ghouls, The Wild Hunt, Human Trafficking

Once a member of the Echelon inner-circle, Strahd has fallen from grace and is now forced to act as the agency ‘collector’, taking care of all the‘dirty’ work. Once upon a time, he may have been an artist, but now with a ‘sword of Damocles’ held firmly over his head, Strahd is a ruthless enforcer. He is adamant on eliminating Kira, Ian, and any who plan to unmask Echelon.

Kristina Sandev  kristinasandev.workbooklive.com
Deus Ex

Anna was given up for adoption by her biological mother (Kristina, an Oligarch who sheltered her with anonymity because she feared the Matriarch's master plan.) Anna was given to a Bulgarian nun who had a foster son, Ian – both were cared for as brother and sister and were always told they were biological siblings. But when the nun died, the siblings were dragged through the BATSHAW foster home system and both continued to struggle as emerging artists. She always wanted to be a dancer, but waitressing helped pay the bills in order to support Ian’s fashion studies until finally he managed to reach the attention of Echelon. Little did she know, Echelon was actually looking for her – as she is a direct descendant of the Báthory bloodline.

Tristan D. Lalla  tristandlalla.com
Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

He is a spoken-word poet who was counting on using Ian’s success to launch his own music career. However, despite Ian’s fall from grace, Amare remains a loyal friend, despite Strahd trying hard to turn him. Amare also has a major crush on Anna.

Martina Adamcova

Once a runway fashion model, she has been working her way up the Echelon ladder and has become a lesser Oligarch. She serves as handmaiden to the Matriarch. Entrusted with the task of ‘educating’ Anna on the aristocratic ways of the Echelon family, Evanka is jealous and bitter that Anna has been chosen to breed with the inner Oligarch circle, something Evanka has wanted for a long time.

Cassandra, 27 years old
Kira’s best friend. Cassandra is an aspiring actress who loves musical theatre, new age, and anything that stimulates the senses. She is as wild, hilarious, and carefree as Kira is controlling and down to earth. Kira and Cassandra used to be best friends in high school but drifted apart as Kira was dragged into more upper-class spheres. Both are like oil and water – especially when it comes to cleaning the apartment. Yet Cassandra admires Kira for her execution and career savvy. Cassandra just wishes Kira could chillax, smoke a joint, and let go more often…



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